About Me

About Me

Hello!  My name is Jeff Tolentino and I like hiking, road tripping, and other adventures.  Welcome to my blog!

In spring of 2018, I quit my job and bought a van.  I am currently traveling through the Western United States, exploring this great country, and documenting my travels here on the Internet.  Hooray!!!

I have used many excellent blogs over the years for all kinds of adventure planning, so I hope this site will let me give back to the many amazing outdoor communities online.  I want this blog to be as much a travel guide as it is a record of my trip, so I have been including various useful bits of travel information as I go, (trail reports, campground info, favorite hot springs, etc).  Maybe you will find some of this information useful as well.  If you have any comments, or just want to say hello, please send me an email:

[email protected]

Thanks again for reading, and I hope you enjoy The Adventures Of Jeff!