Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs - Main Entrance
Location:  Monroe, Utah
Season: Year round
Cost: $15 day-soak, $30 campground stay, $60+ rooms cabins/buses
Date Visited: November 12-14, 2018
Description: Funky hot springs retreat and campground, with spring-fed pools and tubs, plus cabins and hippy buses.

Deborah and I spent a couple nights at Mystic Hot Springs, just outside of Monroe, Utah, last week.  Mystic is a rustic hot-springs, with hot pools, pretty views, and a generous dose of Grateful Dead paraphernalia.  The retreat has two large pools, one hot and one warm, plus a scattering of up-cycled bathtubs tucked into the sagebrush, all of which are fed from natural springs in the hills above the grounds.  Accommodations were simple, with a campground and handful of cabins, plus a few converted (and whimsically painted) buses fitted with beds and electricity.   We had a nice quiet stay during our mid-week, off-season visit, and Deborah and I both loved the pools and view over the Monroe Valley.

Mystic Hot Springs - View of the Monroe Valley
Mystic Hot Springs and the Monroe Valley

Mystic Hot Springs is located on the outskirts of Monroe, at the foot of the hills above town.  It has a beautiful view of the valley and the mountains around Delano and Belknap Peaks.  The property is modestly developed with natural trails and tubs hidden in the desert scrub.

Pools and Tubs

Mystic Hot Springs - Warm and hot pools
The warm and hot pools

The two large pools have concrete walls, and are fed from the natural springs above the pools.  The water is heavily mineralized, and a pours into the warm pool from a large travertine formation.  Extra hot water is piped into a second pool above, for extra hot soaks.

Mystic Hot Springs - Bathtubs
The bathtubs

Above the pools, Mystic has a few bathtubs spread across the hillside.  The temperatures in each tub are fixed, but they vary from tub to tub, so guests have a range to choose from.

Mystic Hot Springs - Tub with a travertine formation
My personal favorite Mystic tub

Our favorite bathtub was located on the south end of the hill, where a large mineral dome has begun to eat the tub alive.  This tub fit the two of us comfortably, and had its own private corner of the grounds, with a spectacular view of the mountains.  We watched the sunset here on the second evening, while a beautiful flock of birds danced around the trees nearby.  Mystic Hot Springs definitely had some magic in the air that night.


Mystic Hot Springs - Busses and cabins
Cabins and buses are available for overnight stays

Mystic has a variety of accommodations for overnight stays.  We nested out in the van, under a stand of cottonwoods in the campground, but guests can also stay in a handful of cabins and buses onsite as well.  The cabins and buses are simple, most are just a roof, a bed, and some electricity, but the November mornings were chilly, and the cabins would be a nice alternative to tent camping.  Showers are provided for all guests, including day-soaks, and the pools are open all night for overnighters.

Final Thoughts

We liked Mystic Hot Springs a lot.  The hot springs were great, with nice hot water and beautiful surroundings.  The facilities are funky,  and the accommodations were simple with modest frills, but the staff are great and take good care of the place.  Swim suits are required for all the pools and tubs, so there is no awkwardness about nudity as well.  We were there in the off-season, and the place was very quiet, but they have music on select nights in the summer too, which looked like fun.  There was no food available onsite while we were there, but there were restaurants and grocery stores in Monroe and Richfield.   We just cooked and snacked on our food in the campground, and grabbed one breakfast in Richland.  Given all that, Mystic was a good stop and we would go back.

More Information

More information can be found the Mystic Hot Springs website:

Mystic Hot Springs

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