Notes from the Road – Northern Montana and Idaho

Hungry Horse Reservoir

Camped a couple nights a the Hungry Horse Reservoir in Northern Montana last week, after spending the preceding week in Glacier.  There were a few other campers at the reservior, but the place was quiet and the mornings were pretty.  I enjoyed two nice sunrises there and didn’t talk to anybody.

Did laundry, and sorted through Glacier photos in Kalispell Thursday and Friday.  Used the Kalispell library quite a bit during the day, and found it to be a good place.  Also picked up groceries and went to the bank.  Friday afternoon I drove and hour north to Eureka to visit my Aunty Marita and Uncle Ken.

My Aunt Marita and Uncle Ken

I hung out with Marita on Saturday morning, doing a tour through Eureka, and visiting the border and a few stores in town.

The United State / Canadian Border

Helped my uncle cut some firewood that afternoon.  We cut a couple weeks worth of wood, and stacked it by the door.

Cutting firewood

My aunt and uncle have a nice place in the woods south of town.  It was quiet, with deer meandering through the trees.  I stayed two nights, catching up on some family stories and watching science documentaries.  My aunt gave me some delicious fried chicken and mango slices when I left on Sunday morning.  It was a good visit.

Hwy 28 outside of Hot Springs, Montana

Swung back through Symes Hot Springs Sunday afternoon, to soak and prepare trip reports for Glacier.   The springs were quiet, I got a lot of work done, plus a couple nice sessions in the tubs.  Camped in the National Forest east of town that night before heading into Idaho today.

The 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar

Stopped by the 50,000 Silver Dollar Bar off I-90 the Montana border, on the way to Idaho this morning.  Made coffee and eggs in the parking lot, and picked up a Road Atlas in the store.

Welcome to Idaho

Drove across the Idaho panhandle after breakfast, and spent most of the afternoon in Coeur D’Alene, looking up information on the North Cascades National Park in Washington.  Making some plans to visit the park later this week.