Orvis Hot Springs

Orvis Hot Springs

Snow surrounding one of the pools at Orvis Hot Springs in the winter.
Location:  Ridgeway, Colorado
Office Hours: 9am to 10pm
Cost: $22 day-soak, $37 per night campground stay, $170 per night lodge stay (includes 2 adults)
Season: Open year round
Dates Visited: December 31, 2018 – January 1, 2019
Description: A beautifully landscaped, clothing optional hot springs retreat, with a lodge, a campground, and lots of pools to choose from.

I stopped by Orvis Hot Springs last week on New Year’s Eve.  This place was very good, with a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere, and lots of toasty pools to soak in.  I stayed one night, camping in the campground, and had a wonderful visit.  In fact I’d rank Orvis as my favorite hot springs in the Southwest Colorado.  It it very good.

Welcome to Orvis Hot Springs

I checked into Orvis Hot Springs on New Year’s Eve last week, with a fresh layer of snow on the ground, and more on the way.  I’d heard of Orvis when I was living in California, and it was supposed to be a great spot, so I was looking forward to checking it out.   It was going to be  a nice place to duck out of the weather a bit, and usher in the new year.

One of the Orvis Hot Spring pools on New Years morning with snow around the edge of the pool
A snowy New Years morning at one of the large pools

Orvis had a really great set up, with lots of options to choose from, including, among other things, two large pools, a silent pool, a hot pool, a cold plunge, and a sauna.  My favorite pools were the large pools, with beautiful rock walls, waterfalls, and pretty landscaping, but all the facilities were really good.  I also enjoyed the hot pot, which had a cold plunge and sauna close by.

The Orvis Hot Springs community kitchen
The Orvis Hot Springs community kitchen

Overnight guests can stay in the lodge or camp on-site.  I stayed in my van in the camping area, and was just a few steps away from the pools.  They also had a convenient community kitchen in the lodge, where I could cook meals and relax inside.  Groceries could be found in the town of Ridgeway,  just a few miles down the road.

Final Thoughts

Orvis was one of my favorite hot springs in Colorado, and definitely my favorite in the southwestern part of the state.  It was set up well, with lots of pools to choose from, and comfortable lodge.   The clothing optional policy tended to attract a more open-minded set, and the atmosphere was very relaxed.  I had a very good conversation in the hot pool on the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, among other things.  The Ridgeway Valley was gorgeous as well, with dozens of San Juan peaks visible right from the hot springs .  Orvis Hot Springs was a magical place, and definitely has my recommendation.

Garth, the big fluffy cat at Orvis Hot Springs
This big fluffy cat (Garth) lives in the lodge with his buddy (Wayne).

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More Information

More information can be found the Orvis Hot Springs website:

Orvis Hot Springs

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