Upgrades and Travel Prep for the Steely Jeff

Outfitted the Steely Jeff with some new shelves today.  Yay!  Such organized! Other provisions recently acquired include a basic tool kit, a fire extinguisher, a phone mount (for GPS), a tape deck adapter (for audiobooks), a razor scooter, prayer flags, and a journal.

I moved out of my place in Portland last week, and have the van more or less packed for full time living now.  I paired down a LOT of stuff.  I’m down to just essentials — clothes, bedding, camping and hiking gear, and a cooking setup.  I think I have more or less everything I need.  We’ll find out soon enough.

I leave tomorrow for a 3 week trip through Idaho, Montana and Washington.  Key stops are Glacier National Park; my Auntie Marita’s house in Eureka, Montana; and my sister’s house in Seattle, Washington.  I have a lot of side options on the list too, so there should be many other stops.  This trip should be a good test for extended traveling.  Fingers crossed!

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